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Why Does Woven Label Choose Polyester Material?
Mar 14, 2019

If the customer has no special requirements, the general woven mark material is polyester.There are many materials, such as cotton, nylon, rayon and so on, why choose polyester?Let's take a look at the characteristics of polyester fabrics.

The biggest advantage of polyester fabric is good wrinkle resistance and shape retention. Therefore, it is very suitable for making coat clothing and weaving label. It has become a kind of chemical fiber clothing fabric used in daily life.

Polyester fabric has the following characteristics:

1, polyester fabric has a high strength and elastic recovery ability, therefore, its firm and durable, wrinkle free.

2, polyester fabric hygroscopicity is poor, wearing a sultry feeling, at the same time easy to bring static electricity, dirt, affect the appearance and comfort.However, it is extremely easy to dry after washing, and the wet strength almost does not drop, does not deform, and has good washable and wearable properties.

3. Polyester is the most heat-resistant fabric among synthetic fabrics, featuring thermoplastic, pleated skirt and durable pleating.At the same time, the anti - fusibility of polyester fabric is poor, in case of soot, Mars and other easy to form holes.Accordingly, when wearing, should avoid the contact such as cigarette end, spark as far as possible.

4, polyester fabric light resistance is better, in addition to acrylic than the poor, its ability to better than natural fiber fabric.In particular, the ability to withstand the sun behind the glass is very good, almost the same as the acrylic.