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Cartoon Children Toys 3D PVC Keyrings

Cartoon boy basketball playing 3D PVC keyring for children.

  • Features & Specification

          We are not just make PVC rubber patches but also 3D keychains, keyrings in any shape and size.Our custom PVC keyrings can be designed in 3D. Molded into soft rubber, our customized keychains can be designed with rounded edges and can be made two-sided.

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    Pvc patches (15).png
    Pvc patches (22).png


    Why Use PVC For a Keychain?

    sign.png  They are water resistant

    sign.png  They will not fray

    sign.png  The color will match your logo

    sign.png  The products can be used outdoors

    sign.png  To build brand loyalty for a corporation or


    sign.png  To spread awareness for a particular cause or concept

    sign.png  To give as a fundraising or promotional gift

    sign.png  To congratulate and commemorate an achievement

    sign.png  To celebrate graduations, anniversaries and company


    sign.png  To signify affiliation or membership in a group, unit or


    Here are some of the types of rubber keychains we offer,

    sign.png  Pvc

    sign.png  Soft Rubber

    sign.png  Custom Shapes

    sign.png  3 Dimensional

    sign.png  Custom Molded

    sign.png  Sculpted Rubber

    sign.png  Two-sided and more…



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